Sunbury Social Club    

The Sunbury Social Club has a growing membership.  It seems the more events we sponsor the more people want to become members of the Club.

What must you do to become a member?
Just pick up an application at the club.  Take it home or fill it out there.  You must know two people who are members to sponsor you or at least sign your application.  One of those two people must be present at the meeting.  Monetarily it will cost you $25 Initiation Fee to get registered in the computer and $1.50 a month dues for the year running from July 1st to June 30th or $18.00 per year.  We do pro-rate the months up to June.

The application will be voted on at the regular monthly meeting which is always held at 7:30 on the third Thursday of the month.  When accepted the secretary will send you a card and enter your information into the computer.  If blackballed your money will be refunded to you (it takes three blackballs to be ousted).


352 East Drive   Sunbury, PA 17801      570.286.9422